The complete toolkit for profitable and user friendly Workforce Management


Quinyx makes it easy for you to schedule and match your needs with employees' wishes. It ensures that you follow guidelines relating to working hours. Have the person with the right skills at the right place - every day!

  • Intelligent and automated scheduling
  • Reduced risk of incorrect schedules
  • Replace absenses quickly
  • Get an immediate overview of your payroll costs

Quinyx typically halves your Workforce Management costs

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“It’s like Spotify because it has such good functionality, it’s easy to use and it’s logical."

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"Quinyx has saved us so much time and of course, a lot of costs."

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“Scheduling with Quinyx has meant major time savings with our monthly planning.”

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What to consider when choosing a
Workforce Management Solution?

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With Quinyx you're in good company

Emelie Berglund

Emelie Berglund

HR Advisor, Rituals

“A great solution that makes our payroll processes faster and more reliable. The report functionality is a great tool for us and allows us to work proactively and get an overview of our costs.”
Mark Cribb

Mark Cribb

Owner, Urban Guild

“One of the key things that Quinyx allows us to do is to respond really quickly to things that are going on and affecting the business.”
Paul Griffiths

Paul Griffiths

COO, Mary Rose Museum

“This has allowed our management team to spend more time running the museum rather than putting rotas together.”

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