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All in one platform for Frontline working at Åhlens

Quinyx helps retail brands reduce employee churn AND help them invest in employee performance to drive in store performance and customer satisfaction. Our unique Workforce Enablement Platform provides a 360 degree support service for you and your frontline, helping you train, direct, communicate and collaborate with your store team, and stay on top of what needs doing and when. For your store team, they get everything they need in one place, maximising time on the shop floor and helping them progress their careers with you.

Leading Retail Brands use Quinyx

Used in over 60 countries, Quinyx Frontline Portal is trusted by many of the world’s leading retail brands to connect them to their workforce, whether in home market, oversees, wholly owned, shop-in-shop, or franchise.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Quinyx

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by Quinyx

Plus, we can help your team at H&M keep in control of your labour costs

With economic uncertainty and rising costs in Europe at the moment, there has never been a more important time to stay in control of your labour budgets and keep those price locked products stable.
  • Maximise productivity and reduce staff costs

  • Increase retention and attraction rates

  • Create the most accurate schedule possible

Discover Quinyx

Enter your details and we’ll be in touch to book a free, no-obligation demo with you. During your demo, you'll see how Quinyx can help you achieve:
  • A 10% improvement in employee satisfaction

  • A 30% increase in employee productivity

  • Up to 70% less time spent on scheduling admin

Loved by our customers and
their employees

Don’t just take our word for it. Customers and their employees agree that Quinyx helps create both a happier business and happier workforce.
Customer review on Capterra
“We have the possibility to have a quick look at the schedules of about 150 shops and the payroll process changed from 2 days to about an hour now, because of the data we get from the system automatically.”
Customer Review on G2 Crowd
“The system is user friendly and the acceptance among the users has been great so far. I like the intuitive workflow of the deviation handling for the managers and the easy to learn app for the employees.”