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Autonomous maintenance scheduling

In the future, we foresee a shrinking pool of skilled engineers carrying out an increasing amount of technical work. Therefore, there is a growing need to schedule better. With new regulation driving complexity and a continuing pressure on performance and costs, how do you decide what takes priority in the work?

We help you create better maintenance schedules and improve your asset performance.

Move to data driven scheduling and prioritise work that is required and necessary to increase your efficiency and reduce costs. Schedule this work so that it matches your workforce’s availability, skills and contracts.

Reduce (unplanned)downtime, ensure safety and compliance all within your budget and resource constraints.

Automatically schedule your tasks

Assign the right person to the job taking into account constraints like resources, skills, production planning and more. Reassign and adjust your planning when changes occur on the spot."

Transform data into insights

Link patterns in your available data to actions via labelling. Reuse the created labels every time the same pattern occurs to reduce time to diagnose and never miss issues again.

Predictive maintenance

Our powerful pattern recognition algorithms combine event logs, maintenance schemas, and sensor and process data to identify unusual or dangerous patterns. Use labels you created yourself to improve the AI continuously.

Monitor scheduling performance

Monitor your scheduling performance and how this progresses over time with the use of the Quinyx Maintenance scheduling solutions.

Automatically get notified when performance is off. Problem solving and reconfiguration is all picked up by Quinyx.

Cosun started collaborating with Quinyx to configure solutions to reduce downtime that also contribute to safer processes and operations. The structured use case based approach ensures that the right knowledge is transferred and stored which, in turn, also contributes to building support within the whole organisation.
Jeroen Helders - Cosun
Group Treasurer and Risk manager

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