How to create a happy workforce and why it should be a priority

by | 29.08.2019
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Picture the scene… it’s a new employee’s first day working for your organization. They come in excited to start, eager to please and full of aspirations.

They sit down with one of your managers who asks if they have any questions.

They ask: “How do I know what shifts I’ll be working?” 

“The schedule comes out weekly, usually two days before the week starts.”

“Oh,” they say. “That doesn’t give me much time to plan anything. What if I need to swap shifts?”

“Shift swapping is usually frowned upon.”

“Ok. So how does flexible working happen?

“Flexible working isn’t something we support or offer,” the manager replies.

The new employee is already looking downhearted. They say: “What about a rewards and recognition programme? How does that work? And is there an easy way for us to communicate? Is culture and purpose important here? Is my wellbeing important to you? Do you use the latest tech to make all of this simple and easy?”

The manager stares at them blankly, confused. “We’re sure you’ll be very happy here,” they utter.

The moral of this little story? It’s no good simply expecting your employees to be happy because they have a job working for you. Happiness at work goes deeper than that. It isn’t about gimmicks; it’s about rewards, recognition, communication, wellbeing, having a sense of pride, feeling empowered, and having job satisfaction.

And here’s the crazy thing; if you make happiness a priority you’ll have a better business. The statistics show that when you have a happy workforce you’ll see profits and productivity that are 20% higher, lower staff turnover and absence, 134% higher earnings per share, and a range of health and wellbeing benefits (Engaging Works). 

We’ve put together a bite-size guide to help you dive deeper into the benefits of creating a happy workforce and the ways to do it.

In it, you’ll discover why happiness at work matters, what you can do to improve it and why it should always be one of your top priorities if you want to improve your recruitment, retention and employee engagement.


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