The importance of having a great schedule

For some people it’s a schedule, others call it a rota and for some it might even be a roster. For us, they are one and the same. And if you’re ..

For some people it’s a schedule, others call it a rota and for some it might even be a roster. For us, they are one and the same. And if you’re serious about running your business more effectively, it’s of paramount importance you have a great scheduling process.

Creating complex schedules across multiple locations, where there are different shift patterns and different needs from your employees, is an art form. It requires logic, an analytical brain, the ability to multi-task and a clear understanding of business objectives.

Good schedules are like a good motor oil. When they work well they keep everything running smoothly, helping your business control labour costs, provide a better service to your customers and keep your staff happy. When they aren’t working effectively the business will grind to a halt. A good schedule will make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, will be within budget and will always ensure you have the right staffing levels. It will also keep your customers happy, your staff engaged and your business profitable.

We know there’s many different factors to take into account when creating a schedule, like:

  • Do we have the right number of staff, supervisors and managers?
  • Are all our time slots and shifts covered?
  • Have we planned appropriately for our busiest periods?
  • Are we compliant with the law and staffing agreements?
  • What happens if someone calls in sick?
  • Are we on budget for what we’re spending on staff overheads?

The good news for you is that intelligent workforce management solutions like Quinyx can answer all these questions for you, saving you time, energy and probably a great many headaches!

In fact, figures from TechNavio Global Research in 2014 state companies who use a workforce management solution for their scheduling save, on average, 9 hours per week per manager and see a 20% increase in client facing time.

There are many benefits you’ll see from using a mobile-first, SaaS solution like Quinyx for your scheduling. These include having one rota in one place (in the cloud!) rather than multiple versions, having the ability to adapt instantly to changes, a huge uplift in the effectiveness of your communication with your staff, and seamless integration with other core processes like payroll and budgeting.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, if your business is the right size and you regularly schedule staff there’s no need for you to be doing it manually. In fact, the HR team at London City Airport say, since they’ve started using Quinyx to create their schedules, they’ve halved the amount of time it takes.

At Quinyx we have an experienced team with expertise across different sectors. If you’d like to find out how we can make your scheduling more effective and optimise your business we’d love to hear from you.

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