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Compass group - Huge events - short leadtime

World leader in food services

Huge events - short leadtime

The system provides opportunities to the very end to change multiple shifts at once, which saves time and thereby money, and facilitates optimal staffing.

Levy Restaurants is part of the global Compass Group. Levy Restaurants provides all food and beverages in fast food, pubs, restaurants, bars, lodges, VIP, banquets and conferences at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm and at venues and conferences around the world, ranging from the Super Bowl to the Oscars.

Huge events - short leadtime

Tele2 Arena hosts up to ten major events in one month. Before these events intense communication takes place with 500 people in the staff pool in order to schedule up to 400 people to work in various shifts.

Scheduling of these events is often done under great time pressure, which demands a modern workforce management system that can handle large amounts of information in an automated fashion.

Challenge & Results


  • No day is ever the same, which puts great demands on time scheduling
  • Before big events up to 400 people need to be scheduled, often with very short notice
  • Fast communication with many employees simultaneously is needed
  • Integration with payroll system


  • Quinyx scheduling
  • Quinyx time and attendance reporting


  • Easy and flexible templating and fast scheduling
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Powerful communication capabilities with all employees
  • The system is “self-sustaining” and provides a quick and reliable overview

Comprehensive procurement

To cope with these major challenges Compass Group procured a new system for scheduling, communication and time reporting well in advance of the inauguration of the Tele2 Arena. A project team with six people from IT, HR payroll and sales was formed to select the right vendor and system to be used.

A dozen vendors were selected for a first audit. When five vendors remained they wrote a detailed RFP that was sent to three selected vendors that then presented their bids for a smaller decision group.

Two in the final - Quinyx was the winner

The final decision was between two vendors that were equal price-wise. The final choice of Quinyx was made because of two main criteria; the system modernity and powerful communication facilities (email, SMS, portal), which were the key demands of the Compass Group.

“Quinyx breathes modernity and it shows that the system originated in a world where one must be able to staff quickly in a mobile environment”, says Compass Group’s payroll manager, Agneta Garnström, who participated actively in the decision-making group.

400 shifts must be optimally staffed

Ingrid Appelberg is working at Levy Restaurants and is responsible for recruiting, staffing, scheduling, training issues and contacts with the employees. Ingrid is working essentially full time in the Quinyx system in order to have control and be sure that all shifts are optimally staffed before the major events held at Tele2 Arena.

For many events up to 400 people are working in the various restaurants, pubs, kiosks and other facilities that Levy Restaurants is responsible for.

Scheduling and fast communication

Ahead of major events, such as football games, they need to rapidly produce templates and publish work schedules for all matches that begin at the same time on different days. Quinyx provides opportunities to the very end to change several shifts simultaneously, thus saving time and allowing optimal staffing.

Quinyx powerful communications capabilities are extremely useful as it is easy to broadcast information to all employees who are affected by a change”, said Ingrid.

“The fact that it is easy to see which shifts are unfilled, how many expressions of interest there are, who wants to change and who wants a work shift, is very useful and saves us a lot of time”, Ingrid adds.

Benefits and achievements

  • The system provides a quick and comprehensive overview
  • Many functions can be automated, which saves time. The system is “self-sustaining”
  • It’s quick to prepare templates for scheduling and to publish the schedules
  • Multiple shifts can be changed simultaneously
  • Communication possibilities are powerful and very useful
  • Contract management makes it easier to comply with laws and regulatory requirements
  • The staff appreciates the opportunities to view schedules, swap shifts and receive information via the mobile app
  • Integration with the payroll system runs smoothly
  • In a business with 800 people involved, Quinyx high degree of automation is much appreciated

Quinyx recommended

We asked Ingrid and Agneta if they would recommend Quinyx to other companies with similar operations. They ranked Quinyx highly, both when it comes to the WFM solution and as a vendor. When asked to grade Quinyx on a scale of one to ten their response was follows:

“We give Quinyx grade eight as we regard the system as modern, user-friendly, fiexible, and it saves a lot of time and expense for our company in our complex and stressful environment."

Quinyx breathes modernity and it shows that the system originated in a world where one must be able to staff quickly in a mobile environment

Agneta Garnström

Payroll Manager

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