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Domino's Switzerland solves main scheduling challenges with Quinyx

After opening up the first store in the year 2000 in Switzerland and since developing to 20 stores and more than 400 employees, the decision to look for a new Workforce Management (WFM) tool was a necessary step to replace outdated rostering methods with Excel sheets, which had previously resulted in poor communication and very little control.

Domino's is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain with stores in over 83 countries and 5,701 cities worldwide.

Domino’s opened up their first restaurant in Switzerland in 2000, and then quickly grew to 20 stores and more than 400 employees. The decision to look for a new Workforce Management (WFM) tool was a necessary step to replace outdated rostering methods with Excel sheets - which had previously resulted in poor communication and very little control.

Bart-Quinyx1Bart de Vreese, former CEO of Domino’s Switzerland had been running the business for 9 years, and provides some insights on why and how Domino’s Pizza Switzerland implemented Quinyx and which advantages he saw for the business. For him, “Domino’s is a people business. It’s all about people. I’ve seen the evolution of managing staff and how digitalization has been a more important topic than in the past.”


Most of the employees are delivery drivers who have to deliver more than 1 million hot pizzas every year.

The case study reveals, among other aspects, which three main challenges needed to be solved by Quinyx:

  1. The integration with the existing payroll system and the POS, in order to have better

  2. control for area managers to immediately identify under- or overstaffing issues, and to

  3. manage rostered hours on a daily basis and to compare those with productivity.

In the past, this process had been too time-consuming, complex and it was difficult to compare those important metrics. Through better management, the communication towards the staff improved a lot with them having an immediate overview about changes.

Having Quinyx in place, one of the outstanding findings is that Domino's Switzerland's sales increased by over 20%, through better process-handling. The foundation of Domino’s success lies in service. Being enabled to have better rosters and the right people at the right time, naturally led to higher revenue.

"Quinyx has helped with understaffing issues. The tool provides a clear visualisation of potential discrepancies that managers can easily identify and correct. This allows them to ensure that they adhere to labour laws and local regulations at all times and to always have adequate levels of staffing. In turn, they can reduce overtime, or offer vacation to their staff when the demand is low", comments Bart de Vreese.

Find out more in the detailed case study.

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The biggest thing was the improved communication of the rosters to the staff, where Quinyx is helping a lot.”

Bart De Vreese

Former CEO

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