The Challenge

Senzum is one of Scandinavia's leading contact centers within support services and customer development.

They offer customer support services, field service as well as providing tools and systems within video, customer service and task management.

The company was founded in 1994 and have been based in the Nordics since 2001 as well as now operating in Spain.


“One of the main advantages with Quinyx is that we get a good overview of the hours that we schedule, which is crucial for us since we’re aiming to expand.

It also helps us with the quality assurance concerning the salary payments,”

Says Markus Hermansson, Group Manager at Senzum



The company has 140 employees and the employees work different shifts and are tied to different collective agreements. Part time, temporary and permanent positions as well as people in the field helping out customers. This means they have to keep track of all their scheduled employees as well as making sure all the different agreements are followed.

CEO, Henrik Tegelström, adds: “Quinyx has really changed our scheduling routines so it is more accessible to all the employees. We have tried other alternatives previously but we wanted to get rid of having to handle certain tasks manually that takes valuable time from the employees.”

It’s not only time that can be saved through an implementation of an effective Workforce Management system. Quinyx has also helped improved the atmosphere within the company, according to Henrik.

“Quinyx has helped improve our employee culture. It feels new and fresh that we have invested in a modern solution. But it’s not only a good looking interface - Quinyx is also a very useful tool.”

Markus Hermansson adds: “I can handle scheduling much more quickly and efficiently now, since I have a clearer view of the scheduling conditions and needs, which has streamlined the process immensely.

“The app is used for almost all time punching from the staff and it is also through the app that employees attest their working hours and manage their vacation applications or sick leave.

“Previously we had a system where employees had to e-mail when they wanted to take some time off, whereas now everyone can see directly through the app whether the application has been processed or not.”

One of the main advantages with Quinyx is that we get a good overview of the hours that we schedule

Markus Hermansson

Group Manager at Senzum


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