Workforce Management Awards Nominations


We believe individuals and companies who do something extra for their employees deserve to be recognised. Workforce Management doesn’t only increase earnings, higher efficiency and a better service level - first and foremost it creates happier and more motivated employees. And that is why we are arranging the Workforce Management Awards, the first and only awards within Workforce Management in Sweden!

  1. Only eligible in Sweden (as of now)

Workforce Management Awards is a price which is awarded for the third year in a row during Workforce Management Day, 22nd of September at Operakällaren. The reason behind the award is to encourage the development and optimisation of Workforce Management solutions that help support organisations through improved administration, increased income and happier employees. It also highlights individual efforts within Workforce Management that benefits both the company and the employees and also provides the industry with good examples. The price is carried out in two different categories; Workforce Management Company of the Year and Scheduler of the Year.

Last years winner within the category ‘Workforce Management Company of the Year’ was Forex who had tough competition from Humana and Rituals in the final.

‘Scheduler of the Year’ was Tomas Andersson from GANT with competition from Ylva Pettersson, ICA Spara and Karoline Ildal, SATS Norway in the final.

The jury this year will consist of:

  • Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx
  • Tomas Andersson, Operations Manager and Retail Coordinator, GANT (Scheduler of the Year 2015)
  • Helena, HR-manager Forex, (Workforce Management Company of the Year 2015)
  • Albert Bengtsson, Enterprise Business Development Manager, Apple
  • Thomas Karlsson, Commercial Editor, Market Magazine
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