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The State of the Deskless Workforce 2022

A Brighter Future for
Frontline Workers

There has clearly been a big shift for 90% of organizations relying on the deskless workforce. Employers now need frontline workers far more than their workers need them.

It's up to employers to meet the needs of a workforce that has long since been ignored, overworked, and from our survey, has expressed is uneager to return to work. But for frontline workers there's hope on the horizon compared to last year.

Considered quitting their job in the past year
Believe there are a lot of employment opportunities

Understand the Frontline

There is a huge disconnect between employers and the frontline workforce when it comes to understanding what these workers—the people whose jobs keep our world running—truly value.

And our survey shows that above all, these workers want to be recognized for their efforts in order to feel truly motivated and engaged at work. Not only that, but they want higher wages and the flexibility to change their schedules to fit their lives.   

Don't feel valued
by their employer
provided additional training
Have no control over their work schedule
Thinks their employer doesn't listen to them

Who we asked


The deskless workforce are often seen as hourly or shift employees. They don't always sit in front of a computer and can’t necessarily access their mobile phone.  

We asked 9 300 workers across ten countries and industries, such as hospitality, logistics, retail, and healthcare.

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