Shipping and Distribution | The State of the Deskless Workforce | UK

Welcome to Quinyx’s Special Report on Shipping and Distribution. Here we reveal the latest State of the Deskless Workforce findings, uncovering the experiences, attitudes and behaviours of workers from this sector.

As the industry faces its most turbulent period in history, fuelled by congested
terminals, unreliability of vessel scheduling, COVID-19, Brexit and the HGV driver
shortage, we hope to support leaders who are negotiating unsteady waters, to
help ensure their hardworking staff don’t jump ship.

This is what we found:

  • 64% of shipping and distribution workers do not feel comfortable discussing scheduling issues around their personal lives

  • 35% have gone to work sick because they couldn’t afford to take time off

  • 30% have experienced understaffing at work

As part of our annual international research, The State of the Deskless Workforce, charting the experiences of over 10,000 deskless workers across ten countries, we surveyed 1,500 deskless workers in the UK. In this report, we put the attitudes of shipping and distribution under the microscope.