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Be the retail company that everyone wants to work for by offering Earned Wage Access!

When money is tight, give your staff and seasonal workers the option to access money they have earned before payday. Make sure you're the business that all workers want to be applying to work for.

Motivate your employees with Mysaly

Sometimes things happen that make it worthwhile having a little extra money to hand, the car breaking down or an unplanned trip suddenly being arranged. Mysaly motivates your employees to take extra shifts for such occasions and allows them to get access to part of their already earned salary immediately after shift completion. The money is in their account just one minute after the withdrawal. Smooth!
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Speed up recruitment

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Increase employee productivity

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Reduce staff turnover

What is Earned Wage Access?

Unlike pay day loans, earned wage access gives employees the ability to withdraw some of the money earned from shifts that have already been completed. The percentage allowed to be withdrawn and the number of times per month an employee can use Mysaly can be controlled by the company. 

Money is paid from Mysaly rather than the business, ensuring that cashflows are not interrupted, with the money returned to Mysaly on each company payday. Simply think of Mysaly as an employee number - It literally takes minutes to set-up. Cheers!

Employees at Babyworld are motivated by flexible payroll option

Babyworld's employees can have parts of their earned salary whenever they want or need it. Resulting in motivated staff and happier customers

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