The State of the Deskless Workforce 2021 | UK results

2.7 billion workers worldwide are deskless, that's equal to 80% of the global workforce. For this report, we polled 1,500 deskless workers in the UK to discover their needs, wants, and everyday challenges. 

This is what we found:

  • Over half of the UK deskless workers have attended work when sick because they can’t afford to stay home

  • 1 in 3 don’t feel valued by their manager

  • 58% have considered quitting due to being unhappy at work

The deskless workforce is often categorised as hourly or shift employees. They are the lifeblood of our economy and operate on the frontline every day. When the global pandemic hit last year, for the deskless workers, working safely from home wasn’t an option. This annual report of 1,500 UK respondents explores the challenges they face and shines a light on how we can better support them.