Forrester Report
Frontline Workforce Strategy

Find out how a human-centered frontline workforce strategy allows all stakeholders to thrive.

Frontline workers are the backbone of our economy. Despite 50 million people qualifying as frontline workers in the U.S alone, EX strategies often fail to deliver for frontline employees. Forrester's new best practice report highlights, "Neither frontline workers nor their employers are happy with current employee experience (EX) investments or outcomes." 

Quinyx's platform enables organizations hiring frontline workers to improve retention and customer experience by providing a single platform to optimize, manage, and engage their frontline workforce.


Why should you care? 

  • Attrition is costly."Many employers of frontline workers mis-assess the full cost of turnover and trajectory of lost productivity." Report interviewees, research director Françoise Carré, Center for Social Policy, UMass Boston, and Professor Chris Tilly, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.
  • Bad EX inhibits engagement and productivity.
  • Customer experience (CX) is declining. Frontline workers often serve as a primary of contact for customers, frontline EX impacts how your customers experience the brand.
  • Employee stress and burnout have a negative impact on organizations. Stress leads to an estimated 550 million lost workdays per year in the US, while depression and anxiety cost an estimated $1 trillion in lost productivity. 


"Frontline workers leave because they feel undervalued, unconsidered, and overwhelmed."
Forrester, A Human-Centered Frontline Workforce Strategy Allows All Stakeholders To Thrive - Best practice report



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