GANT’s new scheduling.
More than just a trend.


GANT contacted Quinyx in 2014 when they realised they had a need for a web-based scheduling system. Creating and managing their schedules in Excel was time consuming and the processes were not efficient enough. There was a desire to improve and simplify scheduling, time reporting and payroll payments - something that was previously done in three separate systems.

After implementing Quinyx, GANT acheived the following results:

  • Scheduling is now four times faster than it used to be, according to GANT's managers.
  • Internal communications, regarding working hours, schedule scheduling and schedule changes, have improved significantly.

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“Previously, we did the scheduling in Excel. Introducing a web-based system has made a big difference and we’re so pleased. I highly recommend Quinyx toretail chains that have a lot of staff and want a smoother scheduling process."

Tomas Andersson

Retail Operations Manager, GANT

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