Overcoming the Fear of Tech & Change with Dr. Sam Shah, Global Digital Health Advisor

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2020 has in many ways shown us the importance of changing and adapting quickly. This, however, is sometimes easier said than done. During the year, light has also been shed on the importance of technology, highlighting an already existing standpoint of technology being a key factor for the success of an organisation. 

Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics, and society. It is inevitably a factor influencing the success of healthcare organisations all around the world. To successfully implement changes, one needs to ensure the people of the organisation are fully onboard. But what do you do when your staff seem to have a fear of technology and a fear of changing the ways of how things are done? What if leaders within the organisation don't see the benefit of technology? How do you shift that culture? 

To discuss this and more, we invited Dr Sam Shah, Global Digital Health Advisor, for a discussion on the fear of tech and change. 

We'll cover: 

- Challenges related to implementing new technology.

- Learnings from organisations that have been quick to adopt new tech in light of the pandemic. 

- The benefits of new technology. 

- How to deal with the fear of tech and change and practical steps to engage and support employees when new tech is introduced.

About Dr. Sam Shah

Professor Sam Shah is Chief Medical Strategy Officer for Numan. Sam’s interests span digital health, clinical leadership and public health. Sam is a digital health technology advisor to a number of healthcare and technology companies, spanning a range of industries including telecommunications, assessment of apps, scaling new technology into the NHS and workforce solutions. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHS England and NHSX, where he was responsible for digital development of the ecosystem and leading on a number of national transformation programmes. Sam has worked on a number of initiatives including the flagship project to digitise urgent care in the NHS. Sam headed up the national learning and development programme for NHS England, which considered different channels to access healthcare using technology.

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