Healthiest month of the year!


Healthiest month of the year! 

With the lowest number of sick leaves in relations to the number of scheduled work shifts, May is the healthiest month of the year. With that definition of sick leave, May is 11% lower than the rest of the year and a full 23% lower than February which is the month with the highest sick leave with aforementioned definition.

Fitness, such as gyms, is furthermore the industry with the lowest rate of sick leave. Only ⅓ compared with the average for all other industries! This is a remarkable difference and it goes to show once more what we already know; fresh air and exercise keeps us healthy.

The result is based on data from Quinyx’ over 140 000 active users which is a large and reliable selection.

We have shared 10 tips for being healthier at work in blog.


Enjoy Work!

Niclas Lundberg


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