Quinnovation 2016


In order to maintain the fire and drive within an organisation, it’s vital to engage and challenge your employees.

A dinner or an ‘after work’ is always good for boosting morale, but you need more to really engage your co-workers and create a joint goal. That’s why, last week, Quinyx coordinated our first ever Innovation Academy! Employees then form groups to to work on innovations that necessarily doesn’t need to be tied to the company. The main reason is to engage and maintaining the fire and the creative mindset within the organisation.

The company divided themselves into different groups across a number of days to work on different ideas to improve Quinyx. On June 3rd, the ideas were presented to the whole company and a jury. The results were astounding!

The jury consisted of Erik Fjellborg, founder and CEO of Quinyx, Pernilla Ramslöv, founder and CEO at NOX Consulting and Johan Witt, Partner and Artistic Director at Netlight.

“I’m really impressed by what has been accomplished in this short period of time and also proud to be working with such talented people. The last couple of days have been amazing, a lot of positive energy and a lot of fun at the office.” - Erik Fjellborg, founder and CEO of Quinyx

The idea behind the Innovation Academy was to make the most of the passion we have while creating a better cohesiveness.  By breaking the pattern of the everyday routine, it allowed us to do something completely different, bringing a boost and creating positivie energy throughout the organisation. It challenged everybody in the company to embrace innovative thinking as well as creating additional value to both employees and the company at the same time.

“I am really really proud to be part of this event, the dedication, the innovation, the quality, the presentations, the passion and the products! I am blown away!” - Pierre de Boer, CTO at Quinyx and lead organiser of Innovation Academy.




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