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by | 01.03.2018
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Since 2015, our R&D team has been hard at work developing Neo, the next generation of our user interface. The goal of Neo is to take Quinyx's performance, user-friendliness and mobility to the next level.

We want Neo to provide value to our users as early as possible, which is why we decided early on to start by building support for Quinyx's most used manager features first. To do this, we split all major functionality into 30 different feature areas in the order that we plan to deliver them. In 2017 we delivered 10 of the 30 most used feature areas. See the list below. Are your organisation's most commonly used feature areas already covered? Get in touch with your Quinyx representative to get started with Neo today!

Note that the feature list is subject to change as we reevaluate our priorities together with our customers over the coming year.

This blog post will be continuously updated with the latest Neo feature status. Keep checking in to keep track of the latest released feature areas and changes to the timeplan.


Daily schedule view with filters - view your daily schedule and filter shifts on employee, shift type, section and more. Released early 2017.


Daily statistics - view important statistics in the schedule summary such as headcount, staff cost and forecast figures. Released early 2017.


Employee statistics - view important employee statistics in the schedule such as nominal hours vs. scheduled hours. Released early 2017.


Optimal staffing - view optimal staffing vs. scheduled hours in a graph in the schedule summary. Released mid 2017.


Multi-day view - view your schedule for a longer period. Released mid 2017.


Add/edit absence - add and edit absences. Reassign shifts during absence. Released late 2017.


Follow-up and attest time punches - attest and review the salary output of punches. Released late 2017.


Manual correction of time punches - edit the start/end times and cost bearers on time punches. Released late 2017.

icons8-tick-box-96 Approve/deny shift swaps/bookings - view and take action on shift swaps and shift bookings. Released late 2017.
icons8-tick-box-96 Customize views - toggle unassigned employees, sort schedule, keyboard shortcuts, and/or filtering, filter on skills and save filters. Released 2017.
icons8-tick-box-96 Revisit use case 1-9 - improve leave application handling, time punch attestation, filtering/sorting, mobile/tablet experience and assigning employees. Released early 2017.
icons8-tick-box-96 Absence handling part 2 - replace part of an existing absence with a new absence or shift, plus more. Released early 2017.
icons8-tick-box-96 Base schedules part 1 - create, update, roll out and delete base (fixed) schedules. The concept of fixed schedules will also be slightly modified to cover schedule templates. Released early 2017.
icons8-in-progress-96 Attest punches - view and filter punches in Schedule view, attest punches, view and filter warnings, add punches. In progress. Planned for mid 2018.
icons8-in-progress-96 Base schedules part 2 - assign base schedule shifts to employees. Planned for late 2018.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Schedule improvements - improved detail panel, improved mobile experience, 24h punches support, easier way to add/edit tasks, easier way of adding multiple shifts and more. Planned for late 2018.
icons8-in-progress-96 Configuration part 1 - basic access rights handling, configuration of shift types. In progress. Planned for early 2019.

Configuration part 2 - Dashboard/landing page, Single Sign-On support, additional language support. Planned for early 2019.

icons8-calendar-96 Customer interviews planned for late 2018.
icons8-in-progress-96 Employee management part 1 - view employee info, add and edit employees, password management and employee history. Planned for mid-late 2018.
icons8-in-progress-96 Employee management part 2 - employee agreement handling. Planned for late 2018.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Forecast - completely automate your KPI forecast. Automatically create your schedule from that forecast. And then automatically man your schedule. Planned for early 2018.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Task Management light - easily add/edit/reassign tasks and see which tasks are done. Planned for late 2018.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Configuration part 3 - global settings, unit settings and audit trail. Planned for early 2019.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Communication - read/write Qmails, publish news, document handling. Planned for early 2019.
icons8-unchecked-checkbox-96 Advanced scheduling - schedule shifts on resources and other objects such as customers, punch in on tasks, extract payroll files. Planned for early 2019.
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