Workforce Management made easy

Scheduling, staffing, time reporting, communication and task management has never been easier!

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Welcome to the future of workforce management


Complete Control

Set the schedule for your entire organisation or individual departments with a simple click. The system checks against working time directives and employee contracts – giving you peace of mind.


Increased Productivity

Create an optimal schedule with the help of forecast algorithms and rules. This will make sure you have the right person, with the right skills, at the right place – at the right time.


Save Money

Staff planning and sound finances go hand in hand. Taking expected sales into account when creating the schedule can do wonders for your profit margin.

Quinyx can automatically generate payroll files for most payroll systems


How efficient is your business?

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Features to make life easier

Quinyx consists of different modules, all designed to make your life easier. This gives you the ability to customise the solution ideal for your business needs.


Intelligent and automated scheduling

  • Save money and free up time with optimised and web based scheduling
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect schedules
  • Quickly find replacements and easily manage leave applications with a click of a button

Reduce the risk of incorrect schedules

  • Simple to design your reports, contact lists and creates a detailed staff list.
  • Gives you full control over your planning

Absence Management

  • Quickly find replacements and easily manage leave applications with a click of a button.
  • Quickly manage absence reports and vacation applications.
  • Set the schedule for your entire organisation or individual departments with a simple click.
  • Staff a shift based on experience of employees.
  • Helps to create yearly schedules for all employees.
  • Easily stay on top of labor agreements and laws and ensure they are followed

Quick overview of all employees' worked hours

  • Quickly manage absence reports and vacations
  • Automatic calculation of pay types from scheduled and worked hours
  • Clear approval routines for both employee and manager
  • Generation of salary files to a great number of salary systems

Gain a great overview of time and costs

  • Possible to quickly access relevant departments for easier and faster handling of times.
  • The flexibility to be able to set up the parameters which are most relevant to your organisation.

Flawless salary files

  • Report and statistics function gives you full control over hours worked and figures in a holistic perspective.
  • Integration with scheduling provides quick and seamless management of absence.

Easy follow-up

  • Quickly and easily communicate with staff through Email, Qmail or text message
  • Communicate in the forum, send surveys and share documents
  • Create news posts on global, regional or staff category level

Receive important messages directly

  • Switch shifts with a colleague
  • Leave in applications
  • Simplified communication with managers
  • Receive and manage leave absence applications, sick leave and vacations

Automatic schedule updates

  • Automatic update of schedule upon changes in staff availability

Budget & Forecast

  • Follow up budgets from several different variables in a smooth way
  • Create optimised schedules for your organization – all with a couple of simple clicks of a button.
  • By combining using the forecast tool you have a powerful method to create budgets for future periods.

Easy Management & Control

  • Flexible tools to gain control over various budget variables
  • Possible to follow up and compare budgets against actual outcomes.
  • Define and create sales and staffing budgets.


  • Use of scheduling algorithms to be able to create and allocate optimal budgeted values.
  • Transparent and detailed information about outcome compared with forecast and budget that provides a greater opportunity to be able to influence the end result.
  • Survey and compare previous years' sales with tomorrow's forecast.
  • Create an optimal schedule with the help of advanced forecast algorithms and rules
  • Follow up historic sales figures and build up a budget

Easily plan recurring tasks for your whole organisation

  • Create and distribute documentation to all employees
  • Keep track of company processes
  • Quickly and easily follow up task execution



Flow and processes

  • Many important routines get pushed aside in daily operations
  • Quinyx supports distribution and follow-up of tasks, fully integrated with scheduling
  • With Quinyx you create to-do lists quickly and smoothly
  • The manager in charge can easily follow up regarding if the tasks have been carried out on time



Improve the workflow

  • A task management system to help reduce the recurrence of violations of processes.

Keep track of your performance

Quinyx Insights is a tool for following up your business’s most important key performance indicators, such as sales figures, number of scheduled or worked hours and staffing costs.

  • Full overview of your business’s performance at all times
  • Act fast and early on unexpected changes
  • Spot new trends early to adapt your business in timeIdentify new data relationships by combining variables any way you want
  • Identify new data relationships by combining variables any way you want

Custom reports

Build custom reports with graphs, tables and other graphical components to present your data in the most intuitive way possible. Your reports can be shared globally or restricted to specific roles.

  • Create completely custom reports
  • Share your reports with your team
  • Aggregate data across units and regions
  • Ensure that everyone in your organisation only sees data for their business units

Access everything on the go

  • View your working schedule
  • Book shifts
  • Apply for leave
  • View your colleagues’ contact information
  • Punch in and out from work
  • Manage your time reports
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Real impact for real people

These are our success stories from people just like you who have optimised their business, saved time and reduced costs with Quinyx.



Quinyx is helping GANT stores throughout Europe revolutionise the way they work through a simple solution which saves them time and allows them to work more efficiently.

Read the full case ›


Use mobile devices together with Quinyx to get the most out of our solution. We offer hardware from our partner Zebra Technologies.


Mobile for Task Management

Mobile devices offers simplicity for Task Management in restaurant, hospitality, retail, logistics and more.

A device from Zebra Technology gives you the best of both worlds - a device that looks and feels like a smartphone but employees can drop it in water, onto concrete, use it in dusty areas and more—and still expect reliable operation. The capacitive touch display works even when wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus with a user-replaceable battery that delivers hours of power.


Touch Device for Time Punching

A touch display in combination with Quinyx gives you a future proof way of punching in and out of shifts.

With a wall-mounted commercial-grade touch device from Zebra Technologies gives you the flexibility to punch in/out of shifts with badge number or via external RFID-reader. For enterprise class tablets there are durable, flexible and manageable solutions available from our preferred supplier Zebra.


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