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This on-demand webinar brings you exclusive insights from Forrester's Nancy Brooks and Principal Analyst on the Future of Work, Betsy Summers, to walk through the ROI from our Total Economic Impact™ of Quinyx report and explain how you can optimize your frontline workforce and boost your bottom line. 

Not sure what a TEI™ report is? 

Quinyx commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) risk-adjusted study to showcase the potential return on investment an organization can achieve using Quinyx's all-in-one workforce management platform to manage their frontline employees. 

The agenda: 

  • First, Nancy Brooks will explore how your company can realize a substantial ROI by implementing Quinyx 
  • Then, Betsy Summers will discuss the importance of enhancing the frontline employee experience for driving business success, increasing efficiency, and delivering superior customer experience 


About Betsy Summers: 

Betsy Summers is a principal analyst on the Future of Work team, specializing in human capital management (HCM). With a wide range of HCM experience, including research, strategy, design, and delivery, Betsy has been both a practitioner and a strategic partner to heads of HR, talent, and learning. 

At Forrester, she helps leaders in employee experience, talent management, HR, and IT connect talent strategy to business outcomes and, ultimately, to vendor and technology selection. 


About Forrester: 

Forrester helps business and technology leaders use customer obsession to accelerate growth. 

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