The AI Approach to Strategic Workforce Planning

30 min session

Join Berend Berendsen, CTO of Quinyx, to learn more about the AI approach to strategic workforce planning and how it can benefit your business.

Advanced analytics and AI have shifted the landscape of workforce planning, offering businesses the opportunity to create efficient strategies that boost productivity, lower costs and free up time. With new technologies, you can enhance both the customer and employee experience while counting under- and overstaffing as things of the past. Long gone are the days of counting heads, sharing spreadsheets, and gut feel decision-making.

Strategic workforce planning, rooted in modern technology, is and will continue to be a C-suite business imperative for all UK organisations.

We’ll cover:

  • Why strategic workforce planning is important to meet the wants and needs of the UK deskless workforce.
  • What an AI approach to strategic workforce planning is. 
  • How to create optimal schedules that boost sales, lower costs and free up time.

Berend Berendsen, CTO, Quinyx

Berend has held various technical leadership positions for more than a decade and has unique experience when it comes to workforce management. In 2008, Berend joined Quintiq, a workforce management solutions provider that scaled globally and sold complex enterprise Workforce Management solutions. In 2015, Berend founded Widget Brain, an AI pioneer within the industry and in 2020, Widget Brain joined forces with Quinyx, taking AI-powered workforce management to the next level.

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