Gartner trends and AI insights that will impact your 2024 WFM strategy

On-demand WFM Show

According to this year’s Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications, applying AI in WFM solutions for employees and managers adds significant business value.

Join this 30-minute webinar with Ani Obermeier, our CMO, Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder, and Johanna Holm, AI-driven WFM expert, and learn how to get your WFM strategy future-ready as we uncover Gartner trends and AI-insights.

In this webinar, we'll cover

  • Key trends and best practices surrounding workforce management
  • How Workforce Management is changing with our increased reliance on AI, and what lies ahead
  • How to start making the transition towards an AI-powered WFM

Meet our host and speakers

Ani Obermeier is the Chief Marketing Officer at Quinyx with a strong focus on customer behaviors. Rumor has it, Ani even decodes market trends in her sleep.

Erik Fjellborg is the founder and CEO at Quinyx. If there's anyone who's probably read more Gartner reports than anyone else, it's Erik!

Johanna Holm is our Product Director and resident AI expert. She knows how AI can help make life at work easier - or at least take the headache away from scheduling. 

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