The Happiness Equation: The Key to retaining frontline talent

September 27th WFM Show

Are you ready to unlock the key to a happier and more engaged frontline workforce? We asked 13,000 frontline workers about their experience. Join our webinar, learn what was shared, and what it means to you as a frontline employer. 


"One in three frontline workers have considered quitting their jobs due to a lack of work-life balance"
SOFW report 2023

Webinar learnings

  • Explore the latest insights from the 2023 State of the Frontline Workforce Report, shedding light on work-related stress and the importance of flexibility
  • Learn how to craft a work culture that makes your frontline staff happier
  • Find out how Quinyx can help you address the critical issues highlighted in the webinar

Meet our Speakers

Toma Pagojote is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Quinyx with a strong focus on exceptional employee experience, company culture, data-driven decision making, and employee empowerment. 

Jack Pidgeon is the Frontline Workforce Management and Labor Modeling Expert at Quinyx. Jack has been helping Fortune 500s CHROs and COOs optimize their way of managing their frontline employees.

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