Live Webinar

Proven strategies from our Retail Operations Expert on how to deliver store excellence

30 minutes live webinar

In this interactive session, Ned Gammell, Retail Operations expert at Quinyx, will share his insights into how top retail brands like Calvin Klein, Bath & Body Works, Tory Burch, Vitamin Shoppe and many more have cultivated high-performing store teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences, globally.

During the session, Ned will share how these and many other brands are driving behavioral change in the field to ensure frontline staff is engaged and empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences that significantly impact sales and conversion. 

In this webinar, you can expect

  • Practical tips and tools on how to engage your staff and never be disconnected from your frontline
  • Simple things that help some of the worlds top retails brands get there and why it’s important today
  • A chance for active participation, self-reflection, and gaining new perspectives on employee experience

Meet our host and speaker

Jack Pidgeon is the host for our WFM show and Frontline Workforce Management Expert. Rumor has it, that Jack even decodes WFM trends in his sleep.

Ned Gammell is our VP of Frontline Portal and resident Retail Operations expert. He knows how you can create successful behavioral change in the field to ensure frontline staff become your greatest assets.

Live Webinar

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