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Born to Hustle | Learn from Nike's Global Success with Shenin Lebrun 

During May episode, Shenin Lebrun, Marketplace Development Senior Executive at Nike, shares her top 10 secrets to business excellence and growth. Shenin also dives into the role of the workforce in Nike's innovative consumer journey.

Get ready to be inspired on topics such as:

  • How to drive workforce-led operational success
  • The secrets behind the next-level corporate hustling
  • How to go from pitch to glory

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More about Shenin: 
Her professional career kickstarted 17 years ago at Nike, one of the most successful global players in the field of Marketing, Storytelling and Sales.

As a black woman she climbed the corporate ladder tenaciously from a rookie assistant to an EMEA director, a role in which she delivers elevated and innovative consumer experiences across both physical and digital retail throughout the partner landscape to this day.

Nike’s JUST DO IT tagline has become her personal mantra and the key to many of her successes, including producing her first feature film in 2017 and founding Hustle & Heart Consultancy in 2018.

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