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Retail Expert Roundtable:

From Store Worker to Brand Ambassador. Why 2021 could be the year of retail transformation.

Throughout the year, we have continuously been inspired by the passion, speed, innovation, and sense of purpose from retailers all over the world.

Preparation for the year ahead will make all the difference so retailers are now busy finding solutions that work for their customers, workforce, and bottom line in 2021 and beyond. From fulfilling the new shopping behaviours to turning store staff into brand ambassadors - now, more than ever, is the time to shift attention to transformation and the way forward.

So, what will this transformation look like? Get insights from a panel of retail experts from GANT, Penhaligon’s, and The North Face, brought to you by Quinyx, Concrete, Sitoo, and RetailNext, on what success looks like and how to succeed in 2021.

Listen in if you want to hear more about:

  • How to anticipate and match new consumer shopping behaviours?

  • What drives conversion and value in stores?

  • How do you utilise data to make smarter decisions and improve performance?

  • How do you turn store staff into brand ambassadors, and maximise their potential?

  • Which businesses have taken risks during the pandemic, and now reaping the rewards?

  • What new or unique ways are businesses capturing their customer’s attention or reaching new audiences?


  • Shauna Maney, Global Retail Manager, Quinyx


  • Peter Joelsson, Global IT Director, GANT

  • Jordan Simpson, Retail Operations Manager, Penhaligon’s

  • Mark Cardinale, Director of Store Operations, The North Face

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