The Future of Workforce Management 2018

What will your workforce management look like in the future?

We’re in the middle of a Workforce Revolution, driven by Millennials in the workplace, powerful mobile technology and our ability to harness big data.

Better workforce management is more than a better way of doing business; it’s a better way of living. When you use a great workforce management solution you’ll immediately see an impact on your business, from saving time to increasing productivity.

What you won’t see from the figures are the intangible benefits; the better quality of life a patient in a care home receives, the improved work-life balance a shift worker has or the simple smile on a manager’s face when they spend more time on the shop floor rather than creating schedules.

In this guide, we want to show you the latest trends in workforce management and help you discover how you can use them to improve your business.

"Thanks to Quinyx, our managers save valuable time and can easily communicate with their staff."

Carina Sundström

Coach Store Efficiency, Coop Norrbotten

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