Workforce Management for Manufacturing

Quinyx helps manufacturers be more efficient with smart workforce management tools, so you can focus on creating great things.

Leading Manufacturers use Quinyx

Manufacturers use Quinyx to manage their workforce and schedules efficiently. Here's why.
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Resource planning and reduced costs

Create an efficient schedule and gain visibility of contracted and scheduled hours so you can spend less on overtime.

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Save on administration

Create schedulings at a facility and group level with ease, so you can spend less time on admin.

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Compliance made simple

Ensure your rosters are in line with your employee agreements and government regulations.

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Engaged staff

Stay in touch with emnployees with surveys and easy communication.

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Reduced turnover

Engaged employees stay for longer, so you can focus on production and efficiency rather than recruitment and training.

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Always up-to date

Cloud-based solution, no more painful upgrades and on-premise installations. Your company will always have the latest version of the system.

Since we’ve started using Quinyx it’s increased the speed it takes to process our schedules and reduced the time it takes us to do them by 50%.
Michelle Truss

Manufacturing Scheduling Software

Manufacturing Scheduling Software

Quinyx partners with companies across the manufacturing landscape, including

  • Food and Beverage
  • Bakeries
  • Dairy
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Pharmaceutical

AI-Powered Forecasting for Manufacturers

Forecasting is key to making your operations more efficient. Quinyx enables you to:

  • Allow for rapid and efficient scheduling based on multiple selectable variables and KPIs
  • Provide transparent and detailed information on outcomes compared to forecast and budget
  • Incorporate a planning system for rosters that can be fully integrated with other business tools
  • Predict the future with the help of historical data


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