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Workforce Management that Boosts Staff Retention

Flexible schedules and mobile-first employee engagement is key to keeping your frontline workforce. See how Quinyx can help you turn attrition into retention.

Built with AI, made for humans

More powerful and less complicated than any other Workforce Management software out there. We help you take the guesswork out of managing and scheduling a workforce to ensure you always have the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Boost Engagement and Retention

Higher employee engagement means greater retention and improved productivity. A win for you and your bottom line. Quinyx gives you all the tools you need to recognize, reward, and communicate with your employees. Your workforce will love it and so will you!
  • Enable targeted communication to specific audiences within the workforce

  • Listen to the voice of your employees by conducting company-wide surveys

  • Reward and recognize employees’ performance with Badges

  • Stay on top of what matters and get insights on badges and pulses per location

Schedules your Frontline Workforce will Love

Scheduling doesn’t need to be a nightmare. In fact, Quinyx makes scheduling your employees a breeze in one intuitive and seamless solution, automatically taking all preferences, rules, and labor regulations into consideration. Put a stop to inefficient and manual processes to guarantee optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day.
  • Swiftly roll out a base schedule that's based on your business needs

  • Allow shift swapping and communication between employees through our top-rated mobile app

  • Have full control over compliance issues and get warnings about possible violations while you schedule


Ever since we started using Quinyx, the time spent on scheduling has decreased by 30-40% in each of our coffee shops. A very large decrease.
Marcus Henningson
Regional Manager, Espresso House


“Quinyx fits perfectly into that strategy. It is cloud and more than that, they are a pure player in workforce management.”
Nico Wartenbergh
CTO, Rituals


“We have complex scheduling needs. Quinyx helps us schedule staff shifts flexibly and plan our workforce requirements accurately.”
Clifford Smith
CIO, Kal Tire


See How Quinyx Can Help

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