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Discover your scheduling effectiveness with a Proof of Value

Companies can save up to 20% in labour costs with AI-driven scheduling. Learn how much you can save and make with a Proof of Value.

What you need to know about the Proof of Value

Artificial Intelligence creates all the buzz, but what value does it really bring to you? To make that as concrete as possible, we can now offer a Proof of Value.

Why do a Proof of Value? 

  •  Learn from your own scheduling data and how to improve your scheduling process. 
  • Get insights on actual under- and overstaffed hours, compliance, revenue increase & cost reduction potential and most importantly: ROI.

What does a proof of value look like? 

A proof of value includes: 

  • An analysis of the accuracy of your current schedules compared to demand.
  • Optimal schedules created using AI based on demand and scheduling rules defined with you.
  • A comparison between your original schedules and the AI-driven schedules.
  • A high level business case calculation on your KPIs we agree upon.
  • An implementation plan to go to production.

The potential of
AI-powered scheduling

We see that companies on average can save up to 20% in labour costs and increase their revenue up to 5% with AI-driven scheduling. One specific example showed that the company could improve their overstaffing up to 77%, which resulted in an average labour cost saving of $662 per location per week. The potential yearly cost savings for all locations was estimated to be at 3.4M!
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- 20%

Labour cost savings
Save labour costs by reducing overstaffing. On average we’ve saved 294 overstaffed hours per week and location!

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+ 5%

Total revenue opportunity
Less understaffing is better service and less lost sales. On average we’ve decreased 84h hours of understaffing per week and location.

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+ 27%

Increase in forecasting accuracy
With our full array of forecasting methods, you get the most accurate demand forecast every single time.

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Increase in on-target scheduling
Our technology allows you to create shifts that automatically meet demand more accurately than ever.

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- 100%

Decrease in labour law violations.
You will always comply with hard rules to avoid hefty fines, but also get notifications when soft rule violations occur.

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- 88%

Decrease in preference violations.
A happy workforce is a happy business. Our technology is designed to adhere to as many employee preferences as possible.

Wonder what results you will get?   

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