Lindex chooses Quinyx for Workforce Management

Lindex, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, has selected Quinyx as their Workforce Management solution. Global roll-out of the new tool starts from Sweden.
by Pauliina Perkiö

Stockholm, 3rd November, 2021

Lindex, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, has selected Quinyx as their Workforce Management solution. Currently, Lindex has 460 stores in 18 markets and a global online presence. Lindex will roll out Quinyx globally starting from Sweden.

The investment covers the overall workforce management system, including scheduling, time and attendance and forecasting components, as well as components enhancing employee engagement.

Several markets, many part-time employees and the varying and seasonal nature of fashion implies a need for a flexible solution for scheduling, and a wide compatibility with existing systems. Additionally, as each market has different labour laws, staying locally compliant becomes essential, too.

Particularly for the Lindex’ store managers, planning and managing schedules had been time consuming. Lindex saw a clear need for acquiring a holistic WFM system that could help them save admin hours and decrease the amount of manual work. Quinyx’ system was esteemed as the best match for the overall needs.

Employee engagement and happiness is key for us, so we put a lot of emphasis on user-friendliness when choosing our workforce management partner. Having a mobile app that allows for attendance tracking and seamless communication both ways was on top of our list.” says Therese Blom, Sales Channels Operations Manager at Lindex.

Once implemented, Lindex expects the Quinyx WFM solution to support the store managers in creating efficient schedules and in getting in touch with their staff swiftly when needing to adapt to changes.

The new system is estimated to bring significant improvements for several aspects of the business. Particularly, Quinyx’ solution is expected to decrease the amount of manual work and administration and improve internal communication and employee experience, while ensuring local labour law compliance across all markets. In addition, using Quinyx will enable Lindex to better forecast the staffing needs of local stores, hence having the right people at the right place at the right time.

All in all, we expect Quinyx to make it possible for us to focus even better on what matters the most, which is providing excellent service for our customers.”, says Caroline Öhgren, Director of Sales at Lindex.

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