Optimising payroll & WFM systems for expanding enterprises

Many expanding enterprises that operate in multiple regions struggle with a lack of visibility into global payroll data. This limitation can result in the inefficient processing of crucial information, impacting both management and employees. Luckily, this can be solved!

Enterprises that operate in multiple regions often face critical issues when it comes to their payroll and WFM operations.

When there is lack of visibility into global payroll data, enterprises are often ineffectively processing data which can adversely affect both management and employees.

Luckily, these issues can be solved through a global, streamlined process.

By having a single system integration between your payroll and workforce management platforms, companies can get a 360° view of the business and employees.

Quinyx and ADP offer a user-friendly and mobile solution to ensure that both managers and employees can manage their everyday life effectively.

In Quinyx, employees can manage schedules, timecards, time-off requests, PTO balances, unplanned absences, and leave. For managers, it is easy to get an overview to see who needs a break, clocked in late, is approaching overtime, and is available to work late. This means that managers can have timely and informed conversations on the spot while offering employees flexibility and improved user experiences.

In recent years, multi-country payroll data has become an important input for planning and analysing headcount, budgeting costs, and allocating labour. This is because process inefficiencies and a lack of unified real-time employee payroll data have been exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic in organisations with disjointed payroll operating models.


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