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See the power of Quinyx

Quinyx helps you manage, optimize, engage and retain your frontline workforce. This means, an increase in employee productivity by 30% and 25% savings on labor costs! Let us show you how. 

Boost your productivity and profitability

increase in employee retention
increase in employee productivity
savings on labor costs
increase in employee satisfaction
mobile app adaption in the first week

The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications is the most comprehensive and independent guide on the market.

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AI that increases employee retention

As your business grows, so does the need for a workforce management solution that can help maximize the potential of your frontline employees. That's where Quinyx comes in!

More powerful and less complicated than any other software out there. We make managing and scheduling a workforce simple. 

Take the stress out of scheduling

Reduce scheduling time by 50% and put a stop to inefficient manual processes with an automated system that guarantees optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day.


  • 99% scheduling accuracy

  • The scheduling app your employees have been waiting for—with a 98% adoption rate

  • 100% decreased compliance risks

Engage your employees. Boost your bottom line.

Higher employee engagement means greater retention and improved productivity. A win for you and your bottom line. 

  • 30% increase in employee productivity through better engagement

  • get real-time feedback through pulse surveys and see what matters to your employees

  • Reward and recognize employees’ performance with badges

  • 98% employee app adaption rate

What your hourly employees aren't telling you...

We recently polled thousands of hourly employees around the globe and what's clear is that organizations need frontline workers far more than their workers need them. Download the State of the Deskless report here.  
considered quitting in the past year
are confident they'll find a better job

Never worry about overstaffing again

Optimize your labor force and drive efficiency with auto-scheduling that accounts for your business demand and employee preferences and skillsets, all while keeping you compliant with local laws and regulations—then watch our AI do the rest. 

  • 25% saved on salary costs through optimized scheduling

  • Save 4,000 hours of overtime in 6 months

  • 99% forecasting accuracy

Meet your demand every time with automated labor forecasting

Stop second-guessing and accurately predict your labor needs with demand forecasting. Strategically plan for peak and dull periods so you're never over or understaffed again. 

  • Forecast demand per demand driver and location in 15 minute intervals

  • Improve future demand forecasts with smart event tracking

  • Translate demand into required headcount for a full picture

Leader in G2's Momentum Grid® & HR products list

See how Quinyx stacks up against the competition! 

Plan Strategically

Plan for the long-term with the help of clear and concise data insights that help you assess future staffing needs before they even arise. 
  • Instantly see your labor plan in different scenarios

  • Get staffing recommendations and plan to hire or re-train

  • Picture total labor costs by region and location

Time and Attendance

Simplify the tedious task of managing time and attendance with integrated time reporting and approval. Easily track labor and collect data with automatic compliance checks, making attendance and payroll completely streamlined! 

  • Punch in and out of of shifts using our highly rated mobile app

  • Manage absence, breaks and leave requests in one place

  • Easily export data to any payroll solution for a complete payroll process

Advanced Analytics

With a 360˚ view, you can instantly make data-driven decisions to empower, attract and retain the deskless workforce. And with everything in one place, you’ll never be caught off guard.
  • Easily visualize, compare and analyse workforce data and filter between units and locations

  • Quickly share C-level and local reports through email, text, and more in just a few easy steps

  • Forget custom integrations and measure as you go with pre-integrated WFM data

Hear from our customers

“Quinyx fits perfectly into that strategy. It is cloud and more than that, they are a pure player in workforce management.”
Nico Wartenbergh
CTO, Rituals


“We have complex scheduling needs. Quinyx helps us schedule staff shifts flexibly and plan our workforce requirements accurately.”
Clifford Smith
CIO, Kal Tire


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