Interview with Amelia Pereira and Helen Yildiz

As the marketing team continues to grow, we welcome on board Amelia and Helen, the new additions to the UK team Amelia comes from Madeira island, ..
by Mikaela Clavel
As the marketing team continues to grow, we welcome on board Amelia and Helen, the new additions to the UK team

Amelia comes from Madeira island, Portugal. She went to the USA when she was 18, where she studied Business Administration at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and played football for 4 years -achieving the honor of All-American.

After that, she moved to New York City for a year to work at a multinational satellite service provider and broadcaster, and then to the North of England for two and a half years, where she pursued a Masters degree in Management and Marketing and played football at Durham University. Her passion in life is obviously football. She is a commentator for the European and World Cups in Madeira and she also plays for the Portuguese national team. She would describe herself as adventurous, as she has been in many different places and likes exploring new ones.

Helen would describe herself as a globetrotter! She learned a lot from traveling and likes to work with diverse people and in an ever changing environment. She comes from Sweden, from a city called Linköping and she has a background in IT and Business. The mix of the two is what brought her here to Quinyx and the Marketing team. Previously she worked at another SaaS company but also has experience in retail and banking. As you can imagine, Helen loves traveling and her favorite part of it is the people and the food.

What is your role and what does it mean exactly?

Amelia: My role is Business Development Representative (BDR), which is basically the very beginning of the sales cycle, creating the pipeline, prospecting and, hopefully, helping to turn leads into clients.

Helen: I’m a Marketing Executive and will manage and execute our customer events for all of our geographical markets. I also have the privilege to work closely with our amazing Sales team to coordinate and plan other marketing activities in order to increase Quniyx’ pipeline.

Why Quinyx?

Helen: For me, it was all about the people, I knew Johanna (the Marketing Director) from a previous role and I really liked everyone I met. I also felt that It could be a good challenge for me to take on and that’s important as well.

Amelia: As Helen mentioned, it was a position that would challenge me as well and something I wanted to put myself into. I felt it would give me valuable skills for the future and I thought that If I could do this, I could do so many other things. The company looked very interesting and everyone I met seemed really, really nice.

What are your impressions so far?

Amelia: Culture-wise, I really like the company, last week we had the Christmas office party and I had so much fun. Everyone seems to get along really well and everyone is super nice, and here in the London office, I think we are like a small family.

Helen: My impressions so far are also very good, it is a very diverse company. It has this international touch but the good Swedish values. There are a lot of intelligent people and our customers are always challenging us, which is fun to see.

How do you see your future at Quinyx?

Helen: I am looking forward to seeing where this journey with Quinyx is going to head because this is only the beginning. For me is all about having a place where I can grow, that’s my expectation, and I really think that there is a potential for this in the future - to be part of this growth journey.

Amelia: My first thought was “Wow! This company has so much potential. How come everyone isn’t using it?” I really think it is just a matter of time until it is in the global market, and now that I am part of it, building it up, even though it won’t be as easy as I first thought, I definitely see a lot of potential for the company and myself.

It’ll soon be Christmas, any plans?

Amelia: This year is going to be the first year that I won’t spend Christmas back home with my family, I will just spend the holidays with my boyfriend here in London.

Helen: I am going back home to Linköping, where I’ll spend time with family and friends and of course eat plenty of good food.

What will be your new year's resolution?

Helen: Make 2017 better than 2016! And enjoying it more I guess! Also, I will try to visit home more and see my family more often. Now with Quinyx I have more reasons to go home.

Amelia: 2016 was a really great year for me. I don’t have a resolution for 2017 per se, just be happy, and when I’ll look back at the year to say “What a year this was!”

Thank you very much, Amelia and Helen. We wish you best of luck for your journey with Quinyx. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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