As a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and holding true to our purpose to create a better work life for millions of people, we are providing open access to our communication module and mobile app for any organization needing to support easy communication between employers and employees.

We’re providing this free of charge and with no strings attached.

Our communication module app will help you

  • Communicate to everyone quickly:
    Qmail is a more efficient tool than both email and intranets as it uses an app and does not require a company email account, allowing employers and managers to send important notices through the mobile app by direct or mass messages to all employees. 
  • Track Stress Levels: Pulse is a fast and effective method to gauge how employees are feeling – secure, concerned, worried, unwell? Employees can answer survey questions that appear as a push notification on the mobile app.
  • Access Employee Contact Information easily: A people directory gives businesses fast access to their organizations' contact information, which can assist in rapidly sharing details about the COVID-19 impact. 
  • Recognize Efforts: Badge is an effective way to recognize employee achievements and engage the staff with rewarding recognition through the mobile app during a time of uncertainty.

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