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Tory Burch improves task management with Frontline Portal

Fashion brand Tory Burch uses Quinyx Frontline Portal for “at a glance” visibility over store tasks and completions

“We’ve seen a huge improvement. Even Tory herself has noticed how well it’s working. It’s a big win!”


Tory Burch is a mid-luxury fashion brand founded in New York in 2004. It has more than 300 stores worldwide and eCommerce sites in seven languages. Morgan Avery, Retail Operations Associate, discusses how Quinyx’s Frontline Portal helps her and her team organize and track the progress and completion of multiple tasks, across the brand’s 123 (and growing) North American stores.

Frontline Portal is a great tool for ensuring we’re supporting the teams in each of our stores. The platform provides a level of visibility we just didn’t have before - at a glance, I can see which tasks stores have been allocated, which ones they’ve started and which have been completed. I can follow up and support them where I need to.

Before we worked with Quinyx, we were certainly less organized. Now, life is much simpler for everyone – within the corporate team and in stores. The platform is really easy to use and everything is in one place. For example, the File section houses information from the whole company, such as IT, buying and planning, operations and so on.

Using Quinyx means no more digging around for an email that you received two weeks ago and you can’t remember who it came from. No more having to search across several different platforms for what you need. Having one hub is so much more time-efficient and has minimized issues for the corporate team in keeping track of task allocation and completion.

Having the history of tasks and stories all in one place is a big bonus too. I can go back and look at what we’ve posted previously such as sales goals, contests for conversion or sales, what events have been held in store and which were the most successful. This really helps with planning.

Another area Frontline Portal has been particularly useful in is Inventory. When older product styles are still sitting in stores, or we have a large number of RTVs (Return-to-Vendor), it can be a struggle to manage stock levels. However, now I can easily check each store’s inventory levels and address issues line-by-line, organizing for them to be transferred out when necessary. Being able to post tasks and reminders has really helped and we’ve seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of day-to-day operations. Even Tory herself has noticed how well it’s working. It’s a big win!

Of course, Frontline Portal is just as important to the teams in store. The managers really like it - it’s a portal they want to look at and engage with. And it’s useful for ensuring updates are communicated properly, helping managers to easily access the information they need to run their stores efficiently and profitably.

We also use it to post training updates and documents, including guidance on the delivery of excellent customer service. For example, our recently launched ‘Guest Model’ is a program aimed at improving the way frontline employees greet and engage with customers. This means visitors to our stores receive a more consistent and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, we use Frontline Portal to run incentives and competitions to make employees feel motivated and engaged.

Quinyx is always looking to evolve and improve the platform, which is great - and we’re excited to be working with them to help further to improve the tracking of tasks for our regional managers. We can’t wait to see how Quinyx can continue to support the Tory Burch brand going forward.


“We’ve seen a huge improvement. Even Tory herself has noticed how well it’s working. It’s a big win!”

Morgan Avery

Retail Operations Associate

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