How Rituals achieves smarter employee scheduling with Quinyx

The Rituals Story

The international retail chain Rituals offers a wide range of different perfumes and cosmetics. Their philosophy is to transform everyday routines into meaningful moments. With over 500 retail outlets worldwide, this philosophy also led them to choose Quinyx for their workforce management.

Improving productivity and employee morale with better scheduling

Rituals use Quinyx to schedule and manage their workforce, both online through the Quinyx web app, as well as on the go using our mobile scheduling tools. Local managers can quickly create efficient schedules for their respective stores, and quickly adapt to changes in their schedule due to absence.

Away from the shop floor, Quinyx has enabled Rituals to manage payroll much more effectively. Having previously managed this through Excel sheets and time consuming manual administration, they can now save time on payroll by retrieving their payroll data from Quinyx in just minutes.


Cloud-based scheduling enabling smarter rosters

In the past, Rituals did not have any real-time data on productivity or personnel costs until they got these stats from local store managers. As a cloud-based scheduling application, Quinyx has enabled workforce data from local stores be available to Rituals head office in real-time.

With this data, Quinyx has enabled Rituals to ensure the right person with the right skills is present in their stores, at the right time. Thus, they are helping to create happier customers and employees with smart scheduling.

Quinyx makes our life easier, first of all, for the shop manager by reducing the time they spend in the back office creating schedules .

Goran Palvic

Head of Retail Operations, RITUALS

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