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Indigo Books & Music Inc. turns to demand forecasting to boost their store experience

Learn how the Canadian-based book and lifestyle retailer plans improve their forecasting accuracy and deliver a better employee experience to their store associates.

The Indigo Story

Indigo is Canada's leading book and lifestyle retailer that offers a curated assortment of books, gifts, children, wellness, and lifestyle products, that support their customers every day and at key life stages by simplifying their journey to live life on purpose. Indigo believes in real books, in living life fully and generously, in being kind to each other, and finally, that stories—big and little—connect us.

Selecting the right partner 


Indigo is currently modernizing its digital architecture. As a part of this initiative, they have conducted a thorough review of the WFM software landscape, in search of the best platform to support their company’s strategic initiatives and elevate the day-to-day experience of their store associates and customers. 

The book and lifestyle retailer selected Quinyx as its new Workforce Management platform to optimize its forecasting accuracy and focus on a more employee-centric scheduling approach as they continue to expand their operations throughout North America. 

“We're in the middle of a company-wide transformation project and Quinyx will play a big part in aligning our store operations with our company goals,” says Lisa Nordin, Vice President of Retail Experience and Operations.


More strategy and more flexibility


Indigo plans to utilize the full scope of Quinyx’s functionalities to service their 4,800 employees who will use the Quinyx mobile app at their 175 separate locations, as well as expand its forecasting variables for greater flexibility in meeting seasonal demand.

Quinyx's forecasting capabilities will help Indigo allocate the right labor to the right projects at the right time so associates can work where they are needed most. 

“With Quinyx, our retail staff will be equipped with powerful, intuitive tools which will enable them to have more control over their work schedules and unleash their full potential,” concludes Lisa Nordin.


Quinyx's forecasting capabilities will help us allocate the right labor to the right projects at the right time so that we can have our associates working where they are needed most.

Lisa Nordin

Vice President of Retail Experience and Operations

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