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Get your business on the up & up – with superior scheduling capabilities, automated labor planning & powerful base schedules.

Save money, free up time and cut out errors with Quinyx’ state-of-the-art scheduling and staff rostering capabilities. Get the right people through the door, in the right place and at the right time – always.


Optimize Staffing

Create perfect schedules and ensure optimal business performance with accurate data and with automated checks against forecasts, skills, educations, working time directives and employee contracts. Get your scheduling in line with your requirements – always!

Shift Swapping on the go

Empower your employees by enabling them to manage their schedules – even when on the go. With Quinyx's mobile-first technology, users can update & create schedules, and handle absences – anywhere, anytime. Give them access to a quick, easy, seamless experience; they'll love you for it & have more time to create a happier business too – guaranteed!

Super simple to stay compliant

The rules and regulations regarding labor laws are constantly changing. With Quinyx, you can skip the headaches and make sure you stay compliant. Add your specific rules and labor laws to the system, and we will automatically help you stay compliant.

Improving scheduling at London City Airport

"Since we started using Quinyx it's increased the speed it takes to pross our schedules and reduced the time it takes us to do them by 50%"

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Transforming the workday with Rituals

Translating sales targets and the targets we set for our stores into shifts per hour

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  • A 10% improvements in employee satisfaction

  • A 30% increase in employee productivity

  • Up to 70% less time spent on scheduling admin