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Optimize your business with AI

Offer great service, reduce labor costs, and remain compliant with AI-powered forecasting and automation. 

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Forecasts have never been more accurate

Stop the guesswork! Quinyx lets you analyze thousands of data points to anticipate peak and down periods in demand, so you always know what you’re up against.
  • Forecast demand per demand driver and location in 15 minute intervals

  • Improve future demand forecasts with smart event tracking

  • Translate demand into required headcount for a full picture

Scheduling that’s truly automated

Say goodbye to profit loss from over-scheduling, and the headaches caused by understaffing. Just choose your individual business objectives, and the technology handles the rest.
  • Automatically schedule the exact number of employees you need every time — no more, no less.

  • Pick your business objectives and automatically optimize your schedules

  • Increase employee happiness by adhering to preferences, skills and contract hours

  • Always comply with local labor laws, union laws and other relevant rules that you define


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