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Auto Scheduling

Automatically create a schedule using our advanced AI capabilities

Optimize your business

Auto Assign

Automatically assign shifts to your employees using our algorithms.

Optimize your business

Frontline Portal - Post a story

Learn how to post a story as a manager to the Frontline Portal Dashboard.

Engage your frontline     Frontline portal     Retail

FLP - Task Collaborations on mobile

Learn how to collaborate on tasks using the Quinyx mobile app.

Frontline portal     Engage your frontline     Retail

FLP - Collaborative Task Mangement

Set up tasks within the Front Line portal to keep your workforce engaged and aligned

Frontline portal     Engage your frontline     Retail

Warehouse - Time Off Management

Learn how to handle voluntary time off requests within the Quinyx Mobile app

Warehouse     Engage your frontline

Employee Centric Scheduling

Learn how to schedule with your employees in mind

Optimize your business     Retail

Warehouse - Auto Schedule

See how auto scheduling can help you optimizing your warehouse

Warehouse     Optimize your business

Quinyx Messenger

Support frontline teams to easily connect with each other.

Engage your frontline

Send a badge

Send a badge to a coworker using the Quinyx mobile app.

Engage your frontline

Shift Swap

Experience first hand the ease of use of the Quinyx app while swapping a shift with one of your co-workers.

Engage your frontline

Advanced Analytics

Get a 360 overview of your data. See how data and insights can help optimize making your decisions.

Optimize your business

Overtime Management

Learn how to manage (voluntary) overtime in a smart way.

Warehouse     Manage your workforce

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  • A 10% improvement in employee satisfaction

  • A 30% increase in employee productivity

  • Up to 70% less time spent on scheduling admin