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Auto Scheduling

Automatically create a schedule using our advanced AI capabilities

Optimize your business

Auto Assign

Automatically assign shifts to your employees using our algorithms.

Optimize your business

Frontline Portal - Post a story

Learn how to post a story as a manager to the Frontline Portal Dashboard.

Engage your frontline     Frontline portal     Retail

Send a badge

Send a badge to a coworker using the Quinyx mobile app.

Engage your frontline

Shift Swap

Experience first hand the ease of use of the Quinyx app while swapping a shift with one of your co-workers.

Engage your frontline

Employee Centric Scheduling

Learn how to schedule with your employees in mind

Manage your workforce     Retail

Advanced Analytics

Get a 360 overview of your data. See how data and insights can help optimize making your decisions.

Optimize your business

Overtime Management

Learn how to manage (voluntary) overtime in a smart way.

Warehouse     Manage your workforce

Warehouse - Auto Schedule

See how auto scheduling can help you optimizing your warehouse

Warehouse     Optimize your business

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  • A 10% improvement in employee satisfaction

  • A 30% increase in employee productivity

  • Up to 70% less time spent on scheduling admin