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Manage your workforce

Everything you need to make daily life on the workfloor easier. Create and roll out schedules in a snap, make absence hassle-free and enjoy seamless payrolling. All from one single intuitive place.


Swift and compliant scheduling

Put a stop to inefficient and manual processes to guarantee optimal labor coverage for every shift with one, intuitive and seamless solution that keeps you compliant with local rules and labor regulations. 
  • Swiftly roll out a base schedule that's based on your business needs

  • Allow shift swapping and communication between employees through our top-rated mobile app

  • Have full control over compliance issues and get warnings about possible violations while you schedule


Time and Attendance, simplified

 We've simplified the tedious task of managing time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection with automatic compliance checks. Employee attendance and payroll are streamlined!
  • Punch in and out of of shifts using our highly rated mobile app

  • Manage absence, breaks and leave requests in one place

  • Easily integrate and export data to any payroll solution for a complete payroll process

Next level insights & reporting

Never be caught off guard with deeper insights for a 360˚ view of your workforce. Now, you can instantly make data-driven decisions to empower, attract and retain your workers. 
  • Easily visualize, compare and analyse workforce data and filter between units and locations

  • Quickly share C-level and local reports through email, text, and more in just a few easy steps

  • Forget custom integrations and measure as you go with pre-integrated WFM data

Hear from our customers

Ever since we started using Quinyx, the time spent on scheduling has decreased by 30-40% in each of our coffee shops. A very large decrease.
Marcus Henningson
Regional Manager, Espresso House


“Quinyx fits perfectly into that strategy. It is cloud and more than that, they are a pure player in workforce management.”
Nico Wartenbergh
CTO, Rituals


“We have complex scheduling needs. Quinyx helps us schedule staff shifts flexibly and plan our workforce requirements accurately.”
Clifford Smith
CIO, Kal Tire


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