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To maintain the enthusiasm and momentum when deciding for a new solution, is very important to get a good start.

We take great pride in implementing our product, into your organisation, smoothly, quickly, and with quality.

Quinyx implementation

From start to finish

Our Best Practice Together With Experienced Consultants Get You Up And Running Quickly

From having done hundreds of implementations, our Professional Services team have built a solid knowledge-base of best practices. One main contact will be appointed to your project.

He/she will drive your project from start to finish, and make sure you get the best possible set up. This means leveraging our knowledge, and get it tweaked to suit your business-needs.


Professional Trainers Make Your Super-Users Fully Prepared By Using Quinyx Optimally

Having dedicated trainers have proven to be much more efficient than letting implementation-specialist handle the training. The readiness and skills of the users have increased dramatically since Quinyx Academy was introduced.

The Academy-team is constantly thinking of how to get users optimally prepared for using Quinyx, and they often feedback to our developers on how to increase user-friendliness even further.


Quinyx Academy

Knowing how to best use Quinyx is important for your success in workforce management. Our skilled trainers and e-learning help you prepare to get started, and then developing from there.

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