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The complete workforce management suite for warehousing & delivery

Take your productivity and customer satisfaction to the next level while lowering your costs with our game-changing, all-in-one AI-driven WFM solution.

The only warehousing & delivery WFM solution you’ll ever need

Create the perfect schedule every single time with Quinyx - helping you meet ever-changing customer expectations while staying ahead of labor requirements for your warehousing and last-mile delivery operations.

A modern solution for warehousing & delivery

Achieve the kind of speed and efficiency you’ve always been dreaming of with  our fully integrated system. With our admin-reducing approach you can integrate all the systems you already use with open APIs - leading to swift warehouse throughput and deliveries.

The #1 Workforce Management software loved by customers of all sizes


Automate scheduling and re-optimize as needed

Our state of the art AI technology helps you makes the best schedules in minutes. With Quinyx, all grounds are covered - from warehouse productivity to labor law compliance.

Go above and beyond customer expectations

Provide exceptional service and make sure you deliver on your promise to customers by automatically scheduling warehouse staff and drivers to cover incoming demand - down to 15 minute intervals. Customers expect on time and low cost deliveries - Quinyx can help you achieve this.

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Maximize productivity and reduce labor costs

Distribute the workload in warehouses to minimize idle time and maximize productivity. With better scheduling, you can wave goodbye to understaffing, overstaffing and external agency costs while OTIFs are at an all time high.

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Maximize labor law compliance

Your warehouse employees and delivery drivers have contracts, skills and schedule preferences, and with so many complex shifts to consider, compliance can quickly become a nightmare. With Quinyx‘s automated compliance checking, you’ll comply with all labor laws while meeting as many staff preferences as possible.

Skyrocket employee engagement

From simple and smooth shift swapping to built-in communication tools, our top-rated app is a game-changer for your warehouse staff and delivery drivers. With pulse surveys and recognition features taking center stage, it’s easy for you to show your employees how much you care and see what matters to them.

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Postnord invests in AI Scheduling for their 18,000 employees

The Nordic’s largest logistics and postal company, PostNord, are taking their operations and employees to the next level with Quinyx.

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The WFM Show - Born to Connect with Marie Robinson | EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer

In this episode, Marie Robinson gives us the lowdown on how Sysco switched to a customer-centric strategy by improving their driver’s work conditions and skills.

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White paper: Going the extra mile

In this white paper we look at the biggest challenges facing your workforce, warehousing operations, and last mile-delivery and how to solve them.

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