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A complete workforce management suite for Food Delivery

Let our AI-driven scheduling technology maximize rider productivity, labor law compliance and customer satisfaction.

All you need to handle your most valuable assets

Quinyx' complete workforce management suite is designed and built for future world leaders: the food delivery companies with ambitions to grow fast.

Tech designed to scale with you

Our technology is build to support the companies that are aiming for hypergrowth. Our technology is designed for fast, scalable implementations no matter where you go. And with our latest AI solutions, we make sure that managing your workforce is as easy as it was on day one. 

The #1 Workforce Management software loved by customers of all sizes


Automate scheduling and streamline communication

Our state of the art AI technology helps you makes the best schedules in minutes. With Quinyx, all grounds are covered - from rider productivity to labor law compliance.

Meet delivery expectations

Never miss a change in demand patterns with forecasts that take holidays, events and promotions into account. Make shifts that drill down to 15 minutes per locations with scary precision. Equipped with accurate forecasts and on-demand schedules, your delivery targets are met at all times. 

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Maximize rider productivity

Put the right drivers at the right time and place. Our robust AI engine maximizes productivity and minimizes idle time by matching demand and travel time with different shift lengths and employee types. Making and assigning shifts has never been this simple and cost-effective. 

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Comply with local laws and rider needs

Hypergrowth means international, where you are met with different laws and regulations. Your riders have preferences and the company has scheduling requirements. A puzzle that’s impossible to solve? Not with our automated compliance checking. With Quinyx, you’ll never break a law wherever you are and meet as many personal references as possible.

Engage and communicate in one app

With our highly rated app, you experience the smoothest communication to riders. Why is the app so popular you might wonder? If you ask our thousands of users, they will mention the smooth shift swapping, engaging survey and reward system and having their daily schedule just one swipe away. What's not to love?

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Should you buy or build your WFM software?

In this short paper, three product managers at Quinyx share their thoughts, experiences and challenges in this space.

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