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Smooth Integrations

Empower your Workforce Management system with our AI Optimisation solutions and take your workforce management to new heights. Connect easily to the Quinyx platform API to add AI to your software.
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AI made accessible for everyone

At Quinyx we believe in the power of AI. That's why we make our AI solutions easy to integrate with your current Workforce Management system via an open API and the best support.
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Open API

With a REST and SOAP API, Quinyx will fit seamlessly into your tech stack with minimal time spent on set-up and maintenance.

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Dedicated Team

The Quinyx Integration Team is a dedicated team that works to ensure you can make the most of your technology.

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Integrating with our AI solutions means you can choose Best of Breed without sacrificing efficiency.

Meet our workforce management partners

Your dedicated integrations team

Quinyx is home to a dedicated Integration team offering hosted and maintained integrations as a service and expert consultancy around integrations. This team acts as part of implementation projects as well as independently, and works with clients globally.

- Quinyx hosted and maintained integrations
- Consultancy for client-hosted and maintained integrations
- Strategic tech stack advice

Connecting the dots

Quinyx integrates seamlessly with most common WFM systems, and can also support custom integrations. Whether it's the ability to automate payroll or connecting to other Enterprise applications through REST and SOAP API, we have you covered.

  • Absence Management
  • Payroll Files
  • HCM
  • Point of Sale
  • Footfall Data
Quinyx connects the dots in your HRIS stack to create more value for you. We take pride in our ease of integration.
Sammy Walton Director of Product, Quinyx