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Workforce Management

The complete AI-powered WFM Suite built and tailored to meet your business needs. With Quinyx you get the tools to make life easy for you and your employees, regardless of the location, sector, and complexity of your business.
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Built with AI, made for humans

More powerful and less complicated than any other software out there. We help you take the guesswork out of managing and scheduling a workforce to ensure you always have the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Demand Forecasting

Be ahead of the future with Quinyx's fully automated staff forecasting. Create near-perfect scheduling accuracy to meet your demand seamlessly. Quinyx analyses thousands of data points to anticipate peak and down periods - for you to stop the guesswork!
  • Forecast demand per demand driver and location in 15 minute intervals

  • Improve future demand forecasts with smart event tracking

  • Translate demand into required headcount for a full picture

Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling doesn’t need to be a nightmare. In fact, Quinyx makes scheduling your employees a breeze in one intuitive and seamless solution, automatically taking all preferences, rules, and employee regulations into consideration. Put a stop to inefficient and manual processes to guarantee optimal staff coverage for every shift, every day.
  • Swiftly roll out a base schedule that's based on your business needs

  • Allow shift swapping and communication between employees through our top-rated mobile app

  • Have full control over compliance issues and get warnings about possible violations while you schedule

Workforce Optimisation

Schedule the exact number of employees you need every time — no more, no less. Say goodbye to profit loss from over-scheduling, and get rid of employees’ and customers’ headaches caused by understaffing. Just choose your individual business objectives, and the technology handles the rest.
  • Pick your business objectives and automatically optimise your schedules

  • Increase employee happiness by adhering to preferences, skills and contract hours

  • Always comply with local employment laws, union laws and other relevant rules that you define


Time and Attendance

With integrated time reporting and time approval, we've simplified the tedious task of managing time and attendance, workforce tracking, and data collection with automatic compliance checks. Employee attendance and payroll are streamlined!
  • Punch in and out of of shifts using our highly rated mobile app

  • Manage absence, breaks and leave requests in one place

  • Easily export data to any payroll solution for a complete payroll process


Higher employee engagement means greater retention and improved productivity. A win for you and your bottom line. Quinyx gives you all the tools you need to recognise, reward, and communicate with your employees. Your workforce will love it and so will you!
  • Enable targeted communication to specific audiences within the workforce

  • Listen to the voice of your employees by conducting company-wide surveys

  • Reward and recognise employees’ performance with Badges

  • Stay on top of what matters and get insights on badges and pulses per location

Advanced Analytics

With a 360˚ view, you can instantly make data-driven decisions to empower, attract and retain the deskless workforce. And with everything in one place, you’ll never be caught off guard.
  • Easily visualise, compare and analyse workforce data and filter between units and locations

  • Quickly share C-level and local reports through email, text, and more in just a few easy steps

  • Forget custom integrations and measure as you go with pre-integrated WFM data

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