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Strategic Planning

Make long term staffing and budgeting decisions the data-driven way. Prepare for different scenarios, streamline your recruitment strategy and easily calculate labor budgets.

Strategic Workforce Planning made more transparent than ever

Remove gut feel and make calculated decisions for multiple long term strategies. Know exactly which future staffing issues will arise and get total labor spending transparency.

Prepare for different scenarios

Having the most up-to-date and significant demand insights are key in proactive workforce planning. Use our solution to compute, calculate, and visualize multiple what-if scenarios and the impact on future staffing levels.

Streamline your recruitment strategy

Automatically detect future staffing gaps and get recommendations to hire, cross-train, outsource, or reallocate resources across your business. Our technology takes resource constraints, costs, attrition, and efficiency rates into account to ensure you get the most realistic recruitment outlook.

Calculate labor budgets easily

Save time calculating labor budgets by automating the process. Know your current labor spending, define the most optimal full-time to part-time employee ratio and add the costs of hiring or retraining employees for different scenarios per region and location.

Can capacity planning technology help plan labor budget?

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