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Reflecting on Retail Innovation: Quinyx's Standout Presence at the 2024 Retail Technology Show

In the bustling heart of London, Olympia played host to the much-anticipated 2024 Retail Technology Show, a convergence of minds shaping the future ..

In the bustling heart of London, Olympia played host to the much-anticipated 2024 Retail Technology Show, a convergence of minds shaping the future of retail. Among the myriad exhibitors, Quinyx stood out not only for its innovative workforce management solutions but also for its unique approach to driving engagement at the stand – a gin bar that proved to be a hit, serving nearly 1,000 gin and tonics and emptying 24 bottles of gin over the course of the event, all served in style and looking beautiful as visitors walked around the venue with them in hand. Let's take a retrospective look at the key discussions and highlights from the show.

Workforce Management Revolutionised:

At the forefront of the discussions was the evolution of workforce management in the retail sector. Attendees buzzed with excitement over Quinyx's cutting-edge solutions, designed to optimise scheduling, manage shifts, and enhance employee productivity. Partnered with EPI-USE, Quinyx showcased how its platform integrates seamlessly with SAP HR & Payroll and ERP solutions, offering retailers a comprehensive offering that covers all aspects of workforce management. With this total solution, retailers can streamline operations, minimise costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, all while maximizing efficiency and compliance.

AI and the Future of Retail:

Artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as a central theme in discussions surrounding retail innovation. Quinyx demonstrated how AI-powered algorithms can revolutionise scheduling processes, predicting staffing needs with unprecedented accuracy. Quinyx highlighted how AI can provide retailers with actionable insights to optimise workforce operations and drive business growth and cost savings. The buzz around AI at the event echoed Quinyx's vision of a future where technology drives efficiency and unlocks new possibilities for growth.

Employee Engagement and Communication:

Effective communication and engagement were hot topics among attendees, reflecting the growing recognition of their pivotal role in driving employee satisfaction and performance. Quinyx's platform garnered attention for its ability to foster collaboration, streamline communication, and empower employees to take control of their schedules. By providing a seamless integration between workforce management and HR systems, Quinyx and EPI-USE enable retailers to cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce, ultimately leading to enhanced customer experiences and increased profitability.

Empowering Task Management:

Task management emerged as another key area of focus, with retailers seeking efficient ways to allocate and track tasks across their organisations. Quinyx demonstrated how its platform integrates task management seamlessly into workforce operations, enabling retailers to assign, monitor, and prioritise tasks with ease. By digitising task management processes, Quinyx empowers retailers to optimise efficiency, enhance accountability, and deliver superior customer experiences.

As the curtains drew on the 2024 Retail Technology Show, attendees left with a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of retail technology. Quinyx's standout presence, marked by its innovative solutions and unique engagement approach, alongside its partnership with EPI-USE, left a lasting impression on all who visited its booth. As a testament to its success, we've captured a glimpse of the excitement and energy that permeated the event in the video below, showcasing the dynamic Quinyx and EPI-USE stand and their impact on the retail landscape.


The 2024 Retail Technology Show was a testament to the boundless potential of innovation in shaping the future of retail. Quinyx and EPI-USE's collaborative efforts, coupled with their engaging presence, exemplified the 'spirit' of transformation driving the industry forward. As we look ahead, the insights and connections forged at the event will continue to inform and inspire retailers on their journey towards success in an increasingly digital world.

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